Bangers ‘n Mash

This is one of my go to I-can’t-be-bothered-to-cook recipes. It’s both incredibly easy to make and pretty much a pantry (well, my pantry at least) meal. You at most need 6 ingredients and you can definitely get away with only using 4 (sausages, olive oil, wine, and beef stock) although it won’t be quite as nice. Note that I’ve cheated and omitted the mash ingredients. Saying you only need four ingredients is so much nicer than saying you need seven. Somehow, it also manages to look rather impressive on the plate. Perfect after a long day out and all you want is a big comforting plate of hot, simple food.The best part about this meal is that when you live in Britain (like I do now), it’s not considered a cop-out meal. In fact, it’s a favourite ‘can we pleasseee┬áhave it for dinner’ kind of meal which suits me just fine.┬áThe second best thing about this meal is the yummy gravy that you end up with. Whenever bangers ‘n mash is on the menu for dinner I am most undoubtably guilty of stepping back into 7 year old me and making a potato volcano so that the gravy can become lava and spill out onto my plate. Lava gravy definitely tastes better. Try it. Despite the fact that the gravy mash mix is the most unappetizing shade of brown, I assure you it is surprisingly delicious, so delicious that sometimes I skip the bangers altogether and just go for mash with gravy.

Any way you look at it, this is a great, simple recipe that you can whip together with minimal chopping, stirring or watching. I hope you enjoy it :)

Serves as many as you like

  • 1/2 onion per person
  • tbsp olive oil per person (you may need more to stop the onions from burning)
  • 1 clove of garlic per person
  • 2 bangers (sausages) per person
  • 1 cup beef stock per person (I use beef stock cubes)
  • glug red wine per person
  1. Heat up a thin layer of olive oil in a frying pan over high heat.
  2. Add the bangers and sear on each side (they will be cooked through later on). There will be lots of spitting oil here so watch out.
  3. When the sides of the sausages have reached a nice dark brown colour, turn the heat off and set the bangers on a plate to the side.
  4. Add the rest of the olive oil to the pan (this will help to cool it down since at this point your pan will be really hot).
  5. As you wait for the pan to cool a bit, slice the onion so you have nice stringy bits. I think this helps with the texture later on, but if you can’t be bothered, you can just dice them.
  6. Add the onions to the frying pan and place it over low heat.
  7. As the onions are cooking, dice the garlic and add it in.
  8. Cook the onions and garlic until the onions are soft and the garlic smells wonderful. At this point, if you want to spice it up a bit, you can add some mushrooms or red peppers. This time I’m keeping it plain.
  9. Turn the heat up to medium high. Now is a good time to keep your eye on the onions, you don’t want them to burn.
  10. When you start to hear a nice sizzling noise, add the red wine.
  11. Allow to bubble away until half the red wine has reduced.
  12. Add the bangers with any juices that may have accumulated on the plate and the stock to the frying pan.
  13. Leave the bangers alone to bubble away in the beef stock/wine mixture for about half an hour. If your liquid is bubbling away a bit to quickly, you can add some more wine and/or turn the heat down.
  14. By now the sausages should be cooked through and all you have to do is reduce the gravy a bit. Turn the heat up under the frying pan to bubble the gravy away until you have reached the desired consistency. How thick you like it is really up to personal choice, I usually boil it down until a trail is left behind a wooden spoon scraped across the bottom.
  15. Serve the bangers on top of a mountain of mashed potatoes topped with some onions and the delicious gravy.
  16. Enjoy :)
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