Bye Bye Wheat

Ladies and gentleman, I have had to say adieu to wheat. Over the past two years I have had some tummy troubles that have made me pretty uncomfortable for the vast majority of the time. On a whim, someone suggested that I try giving up wheat just to see if it made a difference. It made a massive difference! My tummy has now untwisted itself from the knots it had gotten itself into and it making me a much happier bunny. Although I am now feeling much better, I am having a bit of a hard time saying goodbye to wheat. Giving up pasta and bread is no problem, it’s saying goodbye to the delicious baked bad-for-me stuff that I’m having trouble with.I LOVE baking. It’s something I do when I’m stressed and it comes more naturally to me than regular ol’cooking. What got me into the kitchen in the first place was baking cookies. I have the classic childhood memories of being in the kitchen with my dad and sisters ‘making’ cookies. My very important role came just before cleanup: licking the bowl. I remember begging my dad to leave more batter in the bowl because, as we all know, batter is so much better than the baked cookies. Debates would rage between my sisters and I about who would get the spoon and who would share the bowl. Until I went to university, I only really went into the kitchen to bake.

So you can imagine my dismay when I finally figured out that wheat and I don’t get on well. No more licking bowls and no more turning to my stapes in the kitchen. Worst of all, I have lost the area in the kitchen where I like to be the most creative. Comparing scone and pastry recipes is my idea of fun. It’s now going to be difficult for me to maintain quality in my wheat rich recipes (I refuse to give them up). I am REALLY picky about everything I bake and, although I have some fantastic taste-testers, I can’t trust them to be as brutally critical as I am. This will make it hard for me to continue to make the zillions of tried and tested flour-based recipes I have because, without tasting it, I will never be 100% confident that I’m feeding someone a delicious baked good instead of a cardboard-like concoction.

I know that I can still bake. I can continue to make wheat based favourites for my friends and family and there are a ton of gluten free options out there, but that’s a whole new territory. I know I should be excited about the prospect of exploring a whole new world of baking (and I’m sure I will be), but right now it’s a rainy Sunday afternoon and all I want to do is make some scones and I feel like I can’t :( Basically, I’m feeling a little sorry for myself, but I know it will pass and by next week I’ll probably be raving about the new gluten free brownies I discovered and how everyone should give up wheat.

So until then, ta ta.

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